About our company

A.P.C. Cleaning & Maintenance Services was formed in the 1970’s as an offshoot of Bicester Window Cleaning Services.  Under the management of the sole proprietor, Raymond Court, the Company flourished and became a limited company in May 1995, with Mark and Steph becoming co-directors with Ray.  Following Ray’s death in January 2006, the family made the decision to carry on running the company that was Ray’s pride and joy, as we were sure that it was his intention for the  business to continue to grow and develop.  A small, family run company, we consider our staff to be our greatest asset and put them first at all times, and we are grateful to our team for their consistent hard work and dedication to our customers.   Our business continues to thrive, mainly because of our excellent reputation for reliability and the quality of our work.  We have recently updated our name to better reflect what we do today, and our aim is to continue to offer an excellent service, to build on the number of customers we have, to look after our staff and to be known as the best Facilities Services company in Oxfordshire.  Those of us who worked with Ray keep him very much in our thoughts during our working day, and we all make every effort to live up to his standards.